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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Christmas Bunting Giveaway

The other week I went to the Spring ABCD Meetup. It's a networking (excuse for a wine and chatting with the girls) night for bloggers, crafters & designers.
You can choose to contribute to the goodie bag and in return you get a goodie bag full of surprises.

This time I made some bunting for the Xmas pavlova. You can put it on anything really, but as I have a sweet tooth, I went for the pav.

All the lovely things I got in my goodie bag can be seen here at Steph's blog, Bondville. Including my little addition you can see above. Great photo Steph, thanks.

If you would like my mini Christmas bunting, feel free to download the file.
Sew the triangles together on your machine or by hand and tie it to two skewer sticks. You can choose to leave them plain or paint them any colour.

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