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Friday, July 30, 2010

From Jacket To Bag......Well Almost

My lovely Mum has come to the point where she can let go of some of my Dads clothes. On her last visit she bought a few bags of winter woollies for me to take to the trash and treasure market.
Now I'm not much of a re-fashionista but I had a rummage through the bag to check there weren't any treasures that should stay with me instead of trash and treasuring it.

Amongst Dads hand-me-down goodies I found a 100% woollen jumper that comes down to my knees. Very handy for keeping me warm on the couch at night and also serves well as a looooooong distance cuddle from Dad.
I also found a suit jacket that's definitely from the "nutta cutta footloose" time warp and it got my crafty brain ticking.

I can't flip the photo, silly computer

I'm going to try and make a small handbag for going out and I'm actually going to keep it, shock horror surprise. I want it to fit snug, just under my arm and close to my armpit. Really, who wouldn't want to be close to my armpit.
Now most of you know I'm usually all about the larger bag but I'm venturing out here folks, fasten your seat-belts.

I think I'll actually get two bags out of the jacket; one for going out (Dad always liked a drink) and a sling bag.
You can see in the photo (i-phone again, sorry) I cut off the jacket cuff and have used it as a pleated feature. I'm also going to use the jacket pockets somewhere in the bag.

Stay tuned for the finished product. If all goes well I was thinking of running a workshop on this, what do you think?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Coming Home To Sydney

I've been a bit slow with posts recently, the reason being I'M MOVING HOME TO SYDNEY!!! Wooo hoooooo!
This means I will be back to making regular appearances at the Eveleigh Artisan Market.
I've also applied for Paddington Markets, so hopefully I'll be there as well.
It will also be easier to plan workshops as I won't have to factor in flights and carrying everything on the plane and, and, and....

So the past week I've been getting myself organised to move out. I sold my beloved car Bertha on Monday, bye bye Bertha, I hope you're third owner enjoys you as much as I did. You're cruise control was always a highlight of my driving experience.

My house is vacant and waiting for a tenant. Not sure where the housing crisis they keep talking about is, but I hope it goes to Wyndham Vale quick smart. Two open inspections and only two people through!

Cam and I have scored a re-location camper-van from Britz for $5/day + $150 petrol!
I thought it would be fun to make the trip home a road trip. A nice little ending to the past 6 months of travelling between Sydney and Melbourne.

I went to the Quilt & Craft Show last week. I found some new fabric shops to buy from online.
One is Be Be Bold Japanese Textiles. They had other nice fabrics besides Japanese ones but they had some very good strapping for bag handles. It's not on their website yet though but should be by September they said.

Another stall, Craft Queen, were selling some very awesome ribbons and trims. They had ribbon from an Anna Maria Horner fabric collection. I don't know what I'm going to use it for but I had to get some.
Here is a photo from my i-phone, sorry, the big camera is packed in a box.

See you soooooooooon Sydney! Road trip here we come.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Craft Room August Timetable

Who knew it would be difficult to giveaway free stuff. Two great comments on the free pattern giveaway so far but I'm hoping for some more workshop suggestions before posting the parcel to the lucky winner. Post your comments on the post below this one.

Some very exciting news this week, the August timetable for The Craft Room, Sydney has been released.
The Craft Room is run by Notebook magazine and offers all kinds of crafty classes, crochet, cake making, sewing and more. I'm the lucky duck that gets to teach some keen crafties how to make my PVC covered toiletry bag. My class is August 28th 9am-12pm for $95 which includes all materials and light refreshments.

Check out the full timetable here and bookings for my class here.

P.s - I'm off to the Quilt & Craft Show Thursday morning at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre if anyone wishes to join me.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pattern Giveaway

I'm getting ready to move back to Sydney for good. I was sorting through my mountain of fabric last night and found these bag patterns. I bought these when I first started getting in to making bags. There is even a pattern to make a bag by felting some old jumpers you might have.
Some are used and some I haven't even opened. I'm pretty sure all of the pattern pieces are there but no guarantees.

I would like them to go to a new home where they can inspire someone else to get creative. So we're going to have a PATTERN GIVAWAY!!! Wooo hooooo.

In order to win all four bag patterns you need to post a comment below about what you would like to make at a Faint Impressions workshop (except a FI bag). I will then randomly choose the winner.

Got to be in it to win it people. Goodluck.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Warm Fuzzy In The Post

Isn't it nice to receive an unexpected gift? It doesn't have to be big, just a little something that lets you know someone is thinking about you.

The amazing paper shop I visited in Malvern the other week, Rock Paper Scissors, inspired me to make a little something for my bestie, Simone.

I saw this in the shop, so I bought some paper and other supplies and spent an evening crafting.
No pressure to produce something amazing, just a warm fuzzy for my friend.

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart 
and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

How nice is that!

Check out my awesome mini bunting. I think I saw that on the Crafty Minx blog.
I even sewed the paper, which was pretty cool. Not bad for my first attempt at paper craft I think.

Why not send a warm fuzzy to a friend, just because you can.

Friday, July 2, 2010

All You Need To Know About Machine Needles

You wouldn't think these spiky things could make a significant difference to your stitching, trust me, they sure can.

I really don't know much about needles. I always use denim needles as I'm usually sewing through thick layers of fabric. Apart from this my knowledge about sewing machine needles is zip, nada.

Thankfully the lovely Lisa Lam of U-Handbag has come to our rescue once again and posted a great blog all about the oh so spiky ones.

She clearly explains needle size and the different types and their uses right here.
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