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Monday, May 31, 2010

Back From Vietnam

Arrived back from Vietnam this morning. What a fantastic holiday! I highly recommend Intrepid as a tour company if you're thinking of going anywhere.

I've not slept enough to string more than a few sentences together, so here are just a few of my 1000+ pics I took whilst away.

Oh and just a reminder that the two-day bag workshop is this Sunday 10-4.30pm.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Free Purse Pattern

image from

Lisa Lam at U-Handbag has been very generous and posted a free purse pattern on her blog.
It is oh so yummy and a great size for when you're going out.

You can get the purse frame and other supplies you need from here in Australia.

If you make one please send me pics, I would love to see it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Must Have Sewing Accessory - The Walking Foot

image from Janome website

Where would I be without my walking foot? Most likely spitting out a lot more expletives when sewing than I do now.

What does it do? Well, this little metal magician has feet that grab onto the top of your fabric and feed it through in conjunction with the machines feed dogs, which are the little teeth under your presser foot. In doing this it prevents the fabric from shifting and therefore causing it to pucker.

For example, when you are sewing two pieces of fabric together and you've pinned them nicely and they fit perfectly, but when you finish sewing them one edge is longer than the other or there is a bubble in the fabric edge. Well, this baby will prevent that from happening and hence make you a much happier sewer.

This is the foot that you would use to sew PVC and leather. It's also great for slippery fabrics or when you're sewing fabrics where you need to match up the stripes or checks on each side.

Here is a link that gives a little demo on the walking foot.

I use my walking foot ALL the time, it's not cheap, about $100-$150 depending on your machine but well worth the investment in your sewing and keeping your mouth clean, as a lady should after all.

p.s A lot of stores will be having Mothers Day sales, so it's a good time to check out the price.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Designer Spotlight

Hello from hot and humid but very good Vietnam!

It's not the best internet so I will keep it short.

Check out my interview on ArtShine blog with Vinh Van Lam.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Faint Impressions Will Feature In The Next Issue Of Frankie

Yes peeps, I have received THE WORD that my Bedside Organiser will feature in the frank bits section of the next issue of Frankie Magazine, out June 23rd.

Can you BELIEVE IT!!!??? I certainly can't and won't until I have a copy in my hot little hands and staring at the picture.

Frankie is my favourite magazine and it has been a goal of mine to have one of my products in it since I started Faint Impressions. So this is soooooooooooooo very exciting for me.
Needless to say I jumped up and down and screamed when I found out.

Don't worry, you'll hear more about it when it comes out; I won't be able to shut up about it.

Can't wait!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Perfect Macaroon

My macaroons for Pa's 90th

Cam's Pa had his 90th birthday party on Saturday. I made him some bright pink macaroons with blue filling to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Every 90 year old deserves pink macaroons.

You may have seen my last attempt at making macaroons, not too bad but these were a definite improvement.

Like last time my first attempt was a flop, macaroons are not for the impatient domestic Goddess.
The desire to make the perfect macaroon was still burning inside me, so of course I did what any person seeking knowledge does and consulted Mr Google.

I googled "The perfect macaroon" and whadya know, someone had blogged about just that, including detailed photos and clear instructions.

So, back to the supermarket I trekked to get some more almond meal and eggs and returned, determined to conquer the mac.

Well the photo speaks for itself, they are pretty damn good if I do say so. They even have the little ledge around them.

Needless to say, Pa was very impressed.

Pa and the macaroons; they tasted sooooo yummy!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vietnam Here We Come

This Sunday Cam and I are jet-setting off to Vietnam for a 15 day tour from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi.

I've busily been searching for clothes that I'm going to get made at the tailors in Hanoi. Apparently they can make anything, leather shoes, leather bags and clothes galore. So I'm going to get frocked up with some floral 50's dresses, a copy of my favourite pair of pants and a nice winter coat.

Vietnam is supposed to be the hot spot for great silk; such a shame I'm not really a silk kinda gal, who knows though, I may be converted.

I'm going to practice my photography whilst we're there, so keep an eye out for some pics when we get back.

Bon voyage!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Previous Post Follow Up

On the day I tried a new thing and hung some posters behind me for a bit of extra colour. I'm thinking of making some bunting to hang next time.

The Conargo Bush Market was the biggest market I've done yet. There were stalls around the whole football oval. Some people travelled two hours just to come.
It was very well organised and a great vibe, I'm glad I went.
Sorry the photos aren't that great.

Lots of activities for the kiddies, a huge worm tunnel and a blow up slide. There was also face painting and a kids activity corner where I think I saw them doing woodwork!

The Stitches and Craft Show was a bit disappointing. There were some great stall holders of course but the general set up was a let down compared to last year. There seemed to be less stalls and there weren't as many decorations as last year. I heard a lot of disappointed murmers as I was walking around.
They had the same knitting and paper cutting bar etc, I thought they could have had different crafts for people to try this year.

I did chat to a few very creative people and got some very helpful tips on getting into magazines.

I was pretty good with the old cashola and didn't spend too much money. I bought some more gorgeous fabric from the Ink & Spindle girls to make Bedside Organisers.

How beautiful is this fabric?

Sorry if there are any mistakes in this post, I'm very tired as I've been driving home all day.

Lots to do over the next few days before Cam and I trip off to Vietnam.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Back To The Bush For Mothers Day

image from

I'm taking a road trip today and heading back to my home town of Deniliquin (the ute capital of the world) for the Conargo Billabong Market. Conargo is a small town not far out of Deni, consisting of a pub and a convenience store. You may have seen the famous Conargo Pub sticker on a ute or two.

The market is on Mothers Day and over the years has seen 4'000 visitors from the area come to check out the home sewn, home grown, made and baked goodies on the day.

Good old Deni as we fondly call her has taken quite a beating over the last few years with the drought and the closing of the largest rice mill in the southern hemisphere where hundreds of jobs were lost. So an event like the markets is a great thing for the community financially and for community spirit. I'm really looking forward to it.

If that many people turn up it will be my biggest market yet, so I'm getting prepared for the stampede.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stitches & Craft Show (Melbourne)

My favourite craft event of the year, The Stitches & Craft Show, is on this week.
I've been to the one in Brisbane, Sydney and now this week I am going to experience the Melbourne one.

I have to say I'm a little disappointed with the set up for this year. It seems almost exactly the same as last year with no real effort to make it better than last year. Even the Show tote bag looks like it's going to be the same. Now, don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic bag for $12, but you have to think that a lot of people will be returning to the show from last year and they already have it, so why would they buy another one.

A great idea for the show would be to host a networking morning or afternoon tea; where creative business people like myself could meet. There could be website designers, logo people, accountants and business coaches. A whole range of people that could benefit from meeting each other.

Speaking of business coaches, my coach Vinh Van Lam & Stuart Horrex from Quantum Compass will be presenting at the show on a number of great topics. If you're thinking of starting your own creative business, you should definitely check them out.

Here is the downloadable schedule peeps.

I will let you know how it goes and any goodies I buy.
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