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Thursday, December 29, 2011

End of Year SALE

Hellooooooo my friends, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got to spend some time with friends and family and those you care about.
Santa was extra good to me this year and among many gifts he gave me a colour printer! Woo hoo!

As you can see from the lack of blog posts, my inspiration and motivation for making bags for sale has taken a rather long holiday. I thought it was just a quick break but alas it has gone awol and not returned as yet.

I am still being creative on a daily basis but my sewing machine is enjoying the slower pace.

I don't know if this is permanent, but for now I am just going with the flow and seeing where my creative ideas take me. It feels quite strange but I guess this is how it's meant to be for right now.

SO, I'm having a 50% off all stock End of year SALE to clear out any remaining stock, which isn't much, but there are still some gems in the online store. Nothing over $65. Just enter the code ENDOFYEAR2011 at the check out to receive the discount. Sale starts tomorrow and ends Friday 6th January

I'm not sure when I'll be back doing regular posts here but I will be posting my exploring on the facebook page, so if you'd like to keep in touch, which I would love, please pop over every now and then for a peek.

Have a great and safe holiday if you're on holidays and I hope the week goes quick if you're back at work already.

Bye for now.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Christmas Bunting Giveaway

The other week I went to the Spring ABCD Meetup. It's a networking (excuse for a wine and chatting with the girls) night for bloggers, crafters & designers.
You can choose to contribute to the goodie bag and in return you get a goodie bag full of surprises.

This time I made some bunting for the Xmas pavlova. You can put it on anything really, but as I have a sweet tooth, I went for the pav.

All the lovely things I got in my goodie bag can be seen here at Steph's blog, Bondville. Including my little addition you can see above. Great photo Steph, thanks.

If you would like my mini Christmas bunting, feel free to download the file.
Sew the triangles together on your machine or by hand and tie it to two skewer sticks. You can choose to leave them plain or paint them any colour.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hens Polka Dot High Tea (Part II)

Part II (see below for part I) of the party involves me raiding my mums doily stash, cutting them in half and sewing them to some binding to make this very pretty doily bunting. It's so easy to make and you can dye them all different colours too.

I got some tulle together and made these pom poms, so easy but makes such a pretty statement don't you think? (thanks Martha). Again, you have so many colours to choose from if you make these.

Next I visited my friend Kamilla Little from The Ministry of Home Economics to borrow some of her vintage linen collection. When I arrived she had kindly laid everything out for me so I could choose what I needed. I was in vintage linen heaven!

The goodie bags included; cocktail of the day recipe card, love heart lollipop cookie, teapot magnet & some tea party gift tags with ribbon. The bag itself was sewn from paper, backed with pellon with a drawstring ribbon, so it was also a little keepsake.

It's such an amazing feeling when you find a new something that allows you to create in so many different ways. You could spend hours and hours on it and still not get enough. The ideas for the hens day just kept coming and coming and honestly, I could have created and designed for this party forever.

As you can see, Simone was a very happy Hen and loved what I created for her special day. A special party for a very special girl I say.

In my many hours of gathering inspiration online, I noticed there may be a shortage of party design and printables for adults out there, it's all about the kids.

I'm seriously considering adding party design to my bag of tricks, what do you think?

(including Part I)
Pom Poms Striped - Martha Stewart Pom Poms (Spotlight)
Pom Poms Tulle - Faint Impressions with Martha Stewart tutorial
Goodie Bags - Bed Bath and Table
Tea Cups - Bride to be's collection
Chocolate Wrappers - Faint Impressions
Bride To Be Scrabble - Ministry of Home Economics
Retro Paper Straws - Occasion by Design
Food Labels / Flags / Menu - Faint Impressions
Straw Flags - Faint Impressions
Vintage Linen - Ministry of Home Economics
Paper & Doily Bunting - Faint Impressions
Frames - Ministry of Home Economics
Invitation - Faint Impressions

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hens Polka Dot High Tea - Part 1

So....I know I've been MIA for a couple of months, but it's all for a very good reason. I was planning my best friend Simone's Hens High Tea Party and helping her prepare for her wedding. The party was a surprise so I had to go undercover.

The madness began when I started looking at wedding blogs to get ideas for Simone's big day and hens day. I stumbled across Martha Stewart's Weddings Blog, it only took a few pages and that was it, I was hooked on party design and styling. Yup, just like that, hooked I tell you. 

(Front of invite, magnet attached to RSVP swing tag with actual red stripe string)

Over a few days I taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator by using these fantastic online tutorials. I then spent the next week creating the invite.
I printed the front and back, cut both teapots out and then glued them together. I made the RSVP details like a tea bag tag and tied it to the invite with red stripe string and added a magnet to the back for the fridge. 

(Back of invite)

After the invite the next few weeks were spent trawling the gazillion gorgeous photos, tutorials, colour schemes and clever ideas, until I felt satisfied that I had seen EVERYTHING on Martha's blog.

I started collecting, designing and making the little this and thats I needed to make the day look stunning. Every spare moment I had was spent on my new addiction and I was loving every minute. The inspiration I had lacked in recent months was coming in thick and fast, I just couldn't get enough.

The plotting and planning continued but I shan't overdoes you just yet. 
More prettiness from the party coming very soon.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pretty Pretties All In A Row

What have I been up to lately? Well...not a great deal in the crafty world. I've been doing a lot of thinking about the direction I want to head for the next half of this year. No conclusions yet but hopefully the light bulb will come on very soon.

When I was visiting my Mum recently I raided the closet and nicked a bunch of doilies whilst she wasn't looking. I saw this idea for half doily bunting somewhere and thought it was super cute. I think it will be very pretty hanging up at a baby or bridal shower. 

Image care of this blog

I've also been wanting to make red velvet cupcakes for ages. My friend Rita lurrrrrves these, so I made a batch for her yesterday. They didn't look quite as nice as the picture....but close enough. I forgot to take a photo before I put them in my belly.

Friday, July 1, 2011

ABCD Meetup

Last night I took myself along to the ABCD Meetup. A quarterly event for creatives to meet and chat over some yummy food and a glass of bubbly.

There is an option to contribute to a goodie bag. The first time I went I didn't do this and boy was I jealous when all the girls were checking out their goodies at the end of the night. I surely wasn't going to miss out on that again.

So, over four days before the event, I was making 27.....yes 27 lavender pouches, so that in return I could get 27 surprise goodies.

Here is what was in my goodie bag....lots huh?

Bec & Ditty enjoying a catch up

Bec from Honi Design, in the photo above made these pins with fymo. How cuuuuuute are they?! She also does an awesome makeover on worn-out shoes.

These gorgeous little party pieces are by Vesna from My Little Jedi. Check out the love heart, ooooo so prrrrretty.

Exceptionally high quality cards with gorgeous photos from Milk & Honey Photography. See the little sheep on the fence.

My own little toad stool and dobermann from Kamilla and Kareena Little of Little Originals

Kamilla waiting patiently for her goodie bag.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How To Sew Leather Bag Straps

Winter is well and truly here in Sydney and I'm loving it. I love the feel of the crisp air on my face, whilst the rest of me is all rugged up in my new navy wool duffle coat and knitted snoodie.
It's actually known among my family that I have to ween myself off sleeping with the fan in spring, as I love being under the warm doona with the fan blowing on my face.

It's a new season so you know what that means right? It's your female right to get yourself a new bag. I've just finished the loveliest bag that is just perfect for cooler weather. It's made from burnt orange woolen felt, a gorgeous remnant I picked up about 3 years ago. The lining is vintage retro fabric from the 60's or 70's and some spiffy leather handles. I love love love the texture of this fabric; I hope you can see it in the photo.

 I'll be at the Paddington Markets this weekend and this furry friend will be there waiting for you should you pass by. Come and give her a pat, she loves to be stroked.

I've put together a little tutorial on how to make these leather straps. I hope it inspires you to give them a go if you've never sewn with leather before. You could also use faux leather if you like.

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